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Right once you've got your victim and supplies (similar as for halter but more buckles) then you can start.  I start with the cheekpeices.
Firstly glue leather to 1 bit, measure half way up the side of face, bend leather and snip a bit below that, add buckle. Do same to other side and leave to dry.

Whilst that's drying you can do the throatlatch. Measure all the way around the head under the throat + half way round again. Cut, then glue buckle on 1 end. Cut other end to a point.

Whilst that's drying make the headpiece. Just measure from below half way down cheek, behind ears to same point other side - make longer if you wish. Cut both ends to a point.

Put throatlatch on horse, attach headpiece to cheekpeices and put on horse, adjust accordingly and trim excess leathers to right size leaving enough so you can adjust for other horses.

Next is the noseband.
Put a buckle on a bit of leather, measure around the widest part of the muzzle - leave extra and cut. Cut end to a point. Put on model fastened up to check fit and room for adjustments.

Take noseband off and bend leather around it to make a side. Glue but make sure it can still slide up and down the band. Measure half way up and glue a buckle on (this should be on the near side)
Do same for other side but instead of a buckle - measure all the way behind the ears + over buckle. Cut end to a point.

Put back on model and adjust to fit.

Right now your all set to do the browband.
Loop the end of the leather UNDER the straps leaving some sticking out the other
side. Glue but make sure can still be moved.
Do the same for the other side cutting off excess before gluing.

That should be the main bridle done.

Side should look like this.

Reins are easy - glue leather to bit ring, measure just over halfway to other side, glue onto a buckle. Other side, glue to bit ring and cut end to a point, thread thru buckle. This way you can adjust reins on each model and it looks more realistic.

For fancy designs like rolled bridle etc, get some leather thronging (rolled type) measure for browband (front only) with pliers flatten ends then glue to browband. Do same for noseband only going from cheekpeice to cheekpeice.

There you go - your finished bridle.

For padded browbands etc just glue some felt under the nose and browband making sure it's slightly wider at both sides.

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